Brass-band Miločanka was founded by young musicians from Milotice in 1982. Most of the musicians were former members of wind orchestra for children. The band was very young thanks to the young age of its musicians, because majority of them were 14-18 years old at that time. There is 5 former members in the band to this day.

Big enthusiasm for brass-music and desire to succeed led to the fact that after six months of rehearsals Miločanka undertook, at that time obligatory, audition in front of a professional commission and the journey to their appearances on dancing event and concert was free.

Big influence on the rising number of young musicians in Milotice had 2 former members. Former band-master Mr. Bohumil Zbořil and the leader of the wind children orchestra Mr. Ludvík Soustružník.

The band was developing through the years with the help from artistic leaders, to which the brass-band owes a great gratitude. These were and are misters František Kundrata, Antonín Pavluš, Václav Smola, Miloš Procházka and Zdeněk Gurský.

Miločanka could have been heard in Poland, Austria, German, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy and France.

The band had recorded for the Czech Radio in Brno and they also made shows in the Czech television.

Miločanka stopped performing in 2012 to be refounded in 2016.

Kryštof Neduchal is bandleader now.

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